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Home is where the most important people in your life spend a lot of time.

Keep it as comfortable as possible by making sure your plumbing system is working at its best. Messer’s Plumbing specializes in residential plumbing throughout the Indian Land, SC area. Here’s just a sampling of the services we provide for our customers.


Plumbing Repairs

When something goes wrong with your plumbing, it’s a real pain. Don’t make matters worse by trying to fix it yourself. Here at Messer’s Plumbing, we make things as easy as possible. Our rates are reasonable, no matter what type of plumbing repairs you need. Call our residential plumbers for fast fixes for sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and pipes.


Plumbing Installation

One of the main ways homeowners can improve their kitchens and baths is by installing new fixtures. Save time and headaches by calling for residential plumbing services. Don’t put off getting new plumbing when our expert installation is so affordable.


Drain & Sewer Cleaning/Replacement

If your drains and sewer lines are blocked, you’ll have some pretty unpleasant problems. There are some simple steps you can take to keep these areas clear, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Call the professional plumbers at Messer’s Plumbing at the first sign of trouble. We’ll clear your clogged drains and sewer lines or replace them with new ones if necessary.


Water Heaters

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. When it’s not working properly, you’ll know it! If you’re having trouble with your electric, gas, or tankless water heater, call us for fast service. Or if you’re looking to upgrade, we sell and install all sizes and types and will help you select the best one for your needs.


Water Line Installation

Are you remodeling your kitchen or expanding your bathroom? Do you have leaks or mineral build-up that’s causing your water flow to be less than what it should be? We can replace all types of water lines, from your water supply line to those on your refrigerator and dishwasher.


Well Pump Repairs

You rely on your well to provide fresh, clean water for your family. When it stops working, many everyday activities grind to a halt. You won’t want to live with this inconvenience for long. Thankfully, just like with all of our other services, we work on well pumps at any time. We’re always here when you need us the most.



Leaks and low water pressure are two of the warning signs of bad pipes, especially in an older house is another. Our plumbers will conduct an inspection to determine if new pipes are necessary. We’ll will give you a competitive price on replacement and re-piping for your home.


Sump & Sewage Pumps

Sump pumps and sewage pumps keep things flowing in the right direction. When something goes wrong, you’ll need repairs in a hurry. Our service will save you lots of headaches if these pumps quit working. We’ll be there to take care of the problem as fast as we can.


Septic Tank Repair & Replacement

Septic tanks are another of your home’s most vital systems. If you’re building a home and need a septic tank installed or you’re replacing one that’s older, too small, or having problems, give us a call. We’ll excavate as needed to repair or replace septic tanks and drains.


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